Bilstein 24-015141 B8 Performance Plus Rear Shock Absorber


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Vehicle Application: Volkswagen Cabriolet 1993-1985, Jetta 1984-1980, Rabbit 1984-1975, Rabbit Convertible 1984-1980, Scirocco 1988-1975

Bilstein B8 Performance Plus dampers are a performance upgrade to OE dampers designed to be paired with aftermarket lowering springs. These dampers offer application specific valve settings with a monotube design to bring out the best handling performance of a vehicle. Each damper is rigorously tested for quality that meets or exceeds OE standards. B8 Performance Plus dampers are the ideal solution for pairing with a lowering spring for improved handling and sportier look with the added benefit of world-famous Bilstein quality.



Additional information


Placement on Vehicle

Boot Included



Internal Design


Lower Mount Type

Eye 10.2mm


Shock Absorber Type

Upper Mount Type


Make Model Year Trim
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1985 Base
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1986 Base
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1987 Base
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1987 Wolfsburg Edition
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1988 Base
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1988 Bestseller
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1988 Boutique
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1989 Base
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1989 Bestseller
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1989 Boutique
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1989 Wolfsburg Edition
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1990 Base
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1990 Bestseller
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1990 Boutique
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1991 Base
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1991 Carat
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1991 Etienne Aigner
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1992 Base
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1992 Carat
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1992 Classic
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1992 Wolfsburg Edition
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1993 Base
Volkswagen Cabriolet 1993 Classic
Volkswagen Jetta 1980 Base
Volkswagen Jetta 1981 Base
Volkswagen Jetta 1981 Special Edition
Volkswagen Jetta 1982 Base
Volkswagen Jetta 1983 Base
Volkswagen Jetta 1983 Wolfsburg Edition
Volkswagen Jetta 1984 Base
Volkswagen Jetta 1984 GL
Volkswagen Jetta 1984 GLI
Volkswagen Rabbit 1975 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit 1975 Custom
Volkswagen Rabbit 1975 Deluxe
Volkswagen Rabbit 1976 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit 1976 Custom
Volkswagen Rabbit 1976 Deluxe
Volkswagen Rabbit 1977 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit 1977 Custom
Volkswagen Rabbit 1977 Deluxe
Volkswagen Rabbit 1978 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit 1978 Custom
Volkswagen Rabbit 1978 Deluxe
Volkswagen Rabbit 1979 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit 1979 Custom
Volkswagen Rabbit 1979 Deluxe
Volkswagen Rabbit 1980 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit 1980 Custom
Volkswagen Rabbit 1980 Deluxe
Volkswagen Rabbit 1981 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit 1981 L
Volkswagen Rabbit 1981 L Custom
Volkswagen Rabbit 1981 LS
Volkswagen Rabbit 1981 Ls Deluxe
Volkswagen Rabbit 1981 S
Volkswagen Rabbit 1982 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit 1982 L
Volkswagen Rabbit 1982 Limited Edition
Volkswagen Rabbit 1982 LS
Volkswagen Rabbit 1982 S
Volkswagen Rabbit 1983 GL
Volkswagen Rabbit 1983 GTI
Volkswagen Rabbit 1983 L
Volkswagen Rabbit 1983 LS
Volkswagen Rabbit 1983 Wolfsburg Edition
Volkswagen Rabbit 1984 GL
Volkswagen Rabbit 1984 GTI
Volkswagen Rabbit 1984 L
Volkswagen Rabbit 1984 Wolfsburg Edition
Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible 1980 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible 1981 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible 1982 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible 1983 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible 1983 Wolfsburg Edition
Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible 1984 Base
Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible 1984 Wolfsburg Edition
Volkswagen Scirocco 1975 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1976 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1977 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1978 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1979 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1980 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1980 S
Volkswagen Scirocco 1981 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1981 S
Volkswagen Scirocco 1982 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1982 GL
Volkswagen Scirocco 1983 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1983 GL
Volkswagen Scirocco 1984 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1985 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1986 16-Valve
Volkswagen Scirocco 1986 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1987 16-Valve
Volkswagen Scirocco 1987 Base
Volkswagen Scirocco 1988 16-Valve


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